Youth Program

It is easier and less costly to help the child not to lose the track, make positive choices, get help to go to school, stay safe online and so on than when the child drops out of school and we try to rehabilitate them with less probability of turning the child to be a good citizen. In youth program we offer a wide range of projects where we attract the youth to be focused on their studies and in the meantime get a chance of befriending with the right person and not to be radicalized by anyone. We will link them to all other similar services in other government funded programs, and we create games, folklore traditional dances, sports clubs etc.


The mission of the Ogaden Somali Community of Alberta Society (OSCAR) is to enhance the social well-being and the welfare of the Somali Community, with the ultimate goal of building a healthy and a vibrant community whose members can successfully settle and effectively integrate into the wider Canadian society. Read More about “MISSION”

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